Protecting Women Against Violence

Analytical study of the results of the second round of monitoring the implementation of Recommendation Rec (2002) 5 on the protection of women against violence in Council of Europe member states Koostanud Prof. Dr. Carol Hagemann-White Osnabrücki ülikool, Saksamaa Directorate

The gender employment gap: Challenges and solutions

Women’s labour market participation in the European Union has increased over recent decades, passing 70% in 2014. In that year, women comprised almost 46% of the active EU labour market population. Nevertheless, women’s employment and participation rates are still lower than those of

Trend Analysis : Gender in higher STEM education

Cocky Booy Noortje Jansen Gertje Joukes Esther van Schaik Published by VHTO, National Expert Organisation Girls/Women and Science/Technology Science Park 400 1098 XH Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 20 8884220 E W Editors Drs. C. Booy Drs. E.J.M

Pajumets, Marion – Post-socialist masculinities, identity work, and social change: an analysis of discursive (re)constructions of gender identity in novel social situations

Õppe-/uurimisasutus: Tallinna Ülikool Osakond/õppetool: Rahvusvaheliste ja Sotsiaaluuringute Instituut Pealkiri eesti keeles: Postsotsialistlikud maskuliinsused, identiteeditöö ja ühiskondlik muutus: uurimus sooidentiteedi diskursiivsest taastootmisest uudsetes olukordades Uurimuse tüüp: Doktoritöö Aasta: 2012 Lisad Täistekst ETERAs

Einman, Agnes – The Nature And Culture Of Gender Identity

Einman, Agnes – The Nature And Culture Of Gender Identity (2012) Õppe-/uurimisasutus: Tallinna Ülikool, Eesti Humanitaarinstituut Osakond/õppetool: Filosoofia osakond Uurimuse juhendaja: Klemen Slabina, M. Sc. Lehekülgi: 49 Uurimuse tüüp: Bakalaureusetöö Kokkuvõte: In this paper I will address the problem of

Gender Equality Manual for Local Authorities

Center for Equality Advancement, 2008 PDF / 131 pages / 3.72 MB › Download (PDF) Equal participation of women and men in all aspects of society is crucial  for lasting growth and democracy, and also symbolises a society’s level of political