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    • Eesti naine läbi aegade. Helmi Mäelo

      Eesti naine läbi aegade Autor: Helmi Mäelo Kirjastaja: Varrak Ilmumisaeg: 1999 Keel: eesti Deposiitor: Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu Rahastus: Digiteerimist rahastas Haridus- ja Teadusministeerium Kasutusmärge: Zeutchel 14000 A2 Laad: raamat Autoriõigusega kaitstud kuni 01.01.2049 ESTER b12424985 ISBN 978-9949-798-74-2 (pdf) ISBN 9985-3-0276-1 (köites) Digar püsilink: Vt saadavust ENUTi raamatukogus  

    • Solidarity in Struggle – Feminist Perspectives on Neoliberalism in East-Central Europe

      Solidarity in Struggle – Feminist Perspectives on Neoliberalism in East-Central Europe Toimetaja: Ester Kováts Ilmunud: 2016 Sisukord Preface: Overcoming false dichotomies – Reclaiming feminist politics in a neoliberal age | Eszter Kováts THEORETICAL APPROACHES Thoughts on the contested relationship between neoliberalism and feminism | Anikó Gregor and Weronika Grzebalska First-world aspirations and feminism translocation: In

    • The Future of the European Union: Feminist Perspectives from East-Central Europe

      The Future of the European Union Feminist Perspectives from East-Central Europe Eszter Kovats (ed.) Ilmunud: 2018 Sisukord Preface: The need for feminist and East-Central European reform perspectives for the EU | Eszter Kováts GENEALOGY AND TRENDS Who is for sale? Challenging the commodification of gender equality in the European Union | Anikó Gregor From women

    • Handbook Sweden’s feminist foreign policy

      In October 2014, Sweden became the first country in the world to launch a feminist foreign policy. This means applying a systematic gender equality perspective throughout the whole foreign policy agenda. This handbook should be a resource for international work relating to gender equality and all women’s and girls’ full enjoyment of human rights. It

    • Gender Mainstreaming Manual

      Gender Mainstreaming ManualA book of practical methodsfrom the Swedish Gender Mainstreaming Support CommitteeStockholm 2007ISBN 91-38-22731-2ISSN 0375-250X ForewordGender Mainstreaming Support (JämStöd) is a Swedish committee of inquiry that has worked for two years under a government mandate to provide informationabout gender mainstreaming and to develop practical methods and models for mainstreaming gender into central government activities. A

    • The Missing Entrepreneurs. Policies for inclusive entrepreneurship

      The Missing Entrepreneurs 2017 Policies for inclusive entrepreneurship OECD/Euroopa Liit 2017   Sisukord Preface — Executive summary — The meaning and importance of policies for inclusive entrepreneurship — Self-employment — Inclusive entrepreneurship over the business life cycle — Impact of self-employment and entrepreneurship — Part I Reader’s Guide — Policies to improve institutions — Policies

    • The right of people with disabilities to live independently and be included in the community

      Euroopa Komisjon2012   Sisukord SummaryThe Commissioner’s recommendationsIntroduction1. The right to live in the community: the basics1.1. The core right 1.2. How a grasp of the right shapes the response1.3. Articulation of the right: the UN Convention 2. International law and policy2.1. United Nations 2.2. Council of Europe 2.3. European Union 3. Implementing the right to

    • The rule of law on the Internet and in the wider digital world

      The rule of law on the Internet and in the wider digital world Euroopa Komisjon Detsember 2014   Sisukord EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A new environment for human activities The nature of the digital environment The rule of law in the digital environment The issues, and the balance between them THE COMMISSIONER’S RECOMMENDATIONS I. On the universality

    • Women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe

      Women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe Issue paper Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights December 2017 This issue paper was prepared by Leah Hoctor, Adriana Lamačková and Katrine Thomasen, with assistance from Jessica Boulet, from the Europe Program at the Center for Reproductive Rights.   Originaali asukoht