Women in Sports: A Reference Handbook

Formaat: Hardback
322 lk
Sari: Contemporary World Issues
Ilmumisaeg: 22-Mar-2018
Kirjastus: Greenwood Press
ISBN-10: 144085369X
ISBN-13: 9781440853692



Providing key data, insights, and ways of thinking about women and sports, this book is an excellent resource for high school and undergraduate students as well as for sport organizations serving girls and women.

• Provides readers with an overview of how sports came to be associated with men and masculinity
• Details the various ways in which girls and women experience tension in sports regarding their bodies
• Suggests multiple approaches for making women's experience of sports and physical activity more positive and healthy
• Provides significant data relating to the growth of girls' and women's participation in sports and physical activity
• Offers insights into the ways in which sports both empower and marginalize girls and women in the Perspectives chapter
• Suggests policies for and approaches to fostering inclusive sport for all genders


Background and history --
Problems, controversies, and solutions --
Perspectives --
Profiles --
Data and documents --
Resources --


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