Study on the Role of Men in Gender Equality (Eesti juhtumi analüüs)

Praxis, 2012

Uuring vaatleb meeste rolli soolise võrdõiguslikkuse tekkimises.


  • Involvement of men in domestic and care work
  • Household chores and the contribution of men
  • Care involvement of men for dependent persons
  • Care conflicts and regulations related to married, unmarried and divorced parents
  • Labour: men at work
  • Segregation by gender
  • Labour forms by gender
  • Educational achievements
  • Overall and single topics: politics, health, violence and others
  • Political participation
  • Health, life expectancy, particularly gendered risk factors
  • Violence (with men as perpetrators and victims)
  • Military services
  • Homophobia


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The Role of Men in Gender Equality – European Strategies & Insights (2012)