Gender, ageing and extended working life : cross-national perspectives

Gender, ageing and extended working life : cross-national perspectives
Autorid: Áine Ní Léime; Debra Street; Sarah Vickerstaff; Clary Krekula; Wendy Loretto

Formaat: Hardback, 256 lk, kõrgus x laius: 234x156 mm
Sari: Ageing in a Global Context
Ilmumisaeg: 03-Jul-2017
Kirjastus: Bristol : Policy Press
ISBN-10: 1447325117
ISBN-13: 9781447325116



As nations worldwide grapple with aging populations and rising social security costs, many have chosen to raise retirement ages. That change is predicated on the assumption that there is appropriate employment available for people who are of an age that in the past would likely have meant they were out of the workforce. This text challenges that assumption, along with the gender-neutral way the issue of retirement age is generally treated. A group of international contributors applies life-course approaches to understanding evolving definitions of work and retirement, the range of transitions from paid work to retirement and how they differ for men, women, and those in different family circumstances and occupations.



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Part One Gendering later life work: Empirical, theoretical and policy issues 1(216)
One The empirical landscape of extended working lives 3(24)
Debra Street
Two Theoretical and conceptual issues in the extending working lives agenda 27(26)
Clary Krekula
Sarah Vickerstaff
Three Gender perspectives on extended working life policies 53(24)
Aine Ni Leime
Wendy Loretto
Part Two Extended working life in seven OECD countries 77(2)
Four The Australian empirical landscape of extended working lives: a gender perspective 79(20)
Elizabeth Brooke
Five Extended working lives in Germany from a gender and life-course perspective: a country in policy transition 99(108)
Anna Hokema
Six Extended working life, gender and precarious work in Ireland 117(20)
Aine Ni Leime
Nata Duvvury
Caroline Finn
Seven Ageing and older workers in Portugal: a gender-sensitive approach 137(20)
Sara Falcao Casaca
Heloisa Perista
Eight Sweden: an extended working life policy that overlooks gender considerations 157(18)
Clary Krekula
Lars-Gunnar Engstrom
Aida Alvinius
Nine The United Kingdom -- a new moral imperative: live longer, work longer 175(18)
Sarah Vickerstaff
Wendy Loretto
Ten Is 70 the new 60? Extending American women's and men's working lives 193(24)
Debra Street
Joanne Tompkins
Part Three Conclusion 217(26)
Eleven Gendered and extended work: research and policy needs for work in later life 219(24)
Sarah Vickerstaff
Debra Street
Aine Ni Leime
Clary Krekula
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