Tiedon tyttäret

Tiedon tyttäret Marjo T. Nurminen 2008 soome keeles Saadavus raamatukogus  

Sex Object : A Memoir

Sex Object : A Memoir Autor: Jessica Valenti Publisher: New York, NY : Dey St. an imprint of William Morrow Publishers 2016 Saadavus raamatukogus  

Gender, Sex and Children’s Play

Gender, Sex and Children’s Play Autor: Ali Wood; Jacky Kilvington London ; New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2016 Saadavus raamatukogus  

My Life on the Road

My Life on the Road Autor: Gloria Steinem New York : Random House 2015 Saadavus raamatukogus

SAGE Handbook of Mentoring

SAGE Handbook of Mentoring Nora Dominguez, David Ashley Clutterbuck, Laura Gail Lunsford, Frances K. Kochan, Julie Haddock-Millar Saadavus raamatukogus Formaat: Hardback, 688 pages, kõrgus x laius: 246×184 mm Ilmumisaeg: 09-Feb-2017 Kirjastus: SAGE Publications Inc ISBN-10: 1412962536 ISBN-13: 9781412962537

Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring New edition

Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring New edition Natalie Lancer, David Megginson, David Clutterbuck Saadavus raamatukogus Formaat: Paperback, 326 pages, kõrgus x laius x paksus: 248x191x18 mm, kaal: 726 g, 24 Line drawings, black and white; 3 Halftones, black and white;

Kultuur, kõne ja Minu Ise

Kultuur, kõne ja Minu Ise Aaro Toomela Saadavus raamatukogus Formaat: Kõva köide, 590 lk, , KõrgusxLaius: 22×14 cm Ilmumisaeg: 2016 Kirjastus: Eksa ISBN-10: 9985796934 ISBN-13: 9789985796931  

Music, Gender, Education. Lucy Green

How women’s musical practices and gendered musical meanings have been reproduced through history. 1. Introduction — pt. I. Musical meaning and women’s musical practice. 2. Affirming femininity: women singing, women enabling — 3. From affirmation to interruption: women playing instruments

Everyday Sexism. Laura Bates

Everyday Sexism Laura Bates London [etc.] : Simon & Schuster, 2014, 2015 Sisu In a culture that’s driven by social media, women are using this online space to come together, share their stories and encourage a new generation to recognise