28. mail Tallinna Ülikoolis kohtumine akadeemik Jeff Hearniga, kes räägib mehelikkusest ja selle muutumisest

Foto: http://www.elperiodicodearagon.com/

Foto: www.elperiodicodearagon.com

28.mail kell 16.00-17.30 toimub Tallinna Ülikooli Mare saalis (M-218) kohtumine akadeemik Jeff Hearniga, kes on peaesineja 29. mail toimuval konverentsil „Kui mees on mees?“. Jeff Hearn jagab oma teadmisi sellest, kuidas meeste roll on aegade jooksul muutunud, millised seosed on olnud meestel vägivallaga, millised ootused on tänapäeval ühiskonnas meestele, mida tähendab uus mehelikkus jpm. Loeng on inglise keeles. Palume loengule eelnevalt registreerida siin: http://www.tlu.ee/et/rahvusvaheliste-ja-sotsiaaluuringute-instituut/Syndmused/Jeff-Hearni-loengusse-registreerimnie


What makes a man? – on man and change

Jeff Hearn talks about men and  masculinities. In particular he will address three main issues:

1) Some of the most important changes that have been taking place in European societies and economies in relation to men and masculinities, and the new challenges that men face in relation to those macro-level transformations. This includes attention to changes in, for example, work, unemployment, families and fatherhood, care, education, health and importantly violence, and also the changing ways in which the formal national and international policy landscape on men and gender equality is developing in Europe and beyond.

2) Men’s various relations to violence, including men’s violence to women, men’s violence to men, men as victims of violence, and especially intimate partner violence, both heterosexual and gay.

3) The key question of men’s diverse motivations for both change and resisting change, as part of the gender politics of men and masculinities, including the politics of men’s actions against violence.


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