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Pealkiri Autor Ilmumisaasta
100 years of women’s lives and actions 2011
A recent history of lesbian and gay psychology : from homophobia to LGBT Hegarty, Peter 2018
A woman’s book of choices : abortion, menstrual extraction, RU-486 Chalker, Rebecca 1992
Acta sociologica : journal of the Nordic Sociological Association 1955
Action plans for combating forced marriage and female genital mutilation (2012) 2012
Address to the Fourth World Conference on Women : Beijing, 4 September 1995 Boutros-Ghali, Boutros 1995
Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era Kimmel,Michael 2017
Anti-Gender Campaigns in Europe: Mobilizing against Equality Kuhar,Roman 2018
Bitch Doctrine: Essays for Dissenting Adults Penny, Laurie 2017
Business model generation : a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and ch… Osterwalder, Alexander 2010
Competitive advantage through diversity : organizational learning from differ… Herriot, Peter 1995
Down girl : the logic of misogyny Manne,Kate 2018
Economic benefits of gender equality in the European Union : report on the em… 2017
Eesti Maanaiste Ühendus 2016
Eesti ühiskond kiirenevas ajas : uuringu “Mina. Maailm. Meedia” 2002-2014 tul… 2017
EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database : gendering data for better decision-making 2017
European Institute for Gender Equality – EIGE in brief 2017 2017
Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis: Gender, Power and Ideology in Discourse Lazar,Michelle M. 2005
Feminist Economics and Public Policy Campbell,Jim 2016
Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe Köttig,Michaela 2017
Gender as symbolic glue : the position and role of conservative and far right… 2015
Gender equality in financial decision-making 2017
Gender equity sources and resources for education students Sanders, Jo 2017
Gender issues in business and economics : selections from the 2017 Ipazia Wor… 2018
Gender, ageing and extended working life : cross-national perspectives Leime,Aine Ni 2017
Gender, skills and precarious work in the EU : research note 2017
Global perspectives on women in combat sports : women warriors around the world 2015
Good night stories for rebel girls : 100 tales of extraordinary women / (One … Favilli, Elena 2017
Handbook of studies on men and masculinities Kimmel, Michael S. 2005
Hidden in the household : women’s domestic labour Under Capitalism 1980
Hunger : a memoir of (my) body Gay,Roxane 2018
Inside the mind of the entrepreneur : cognition, personality traits, intentio… 2018
It’s in our hands : stop violence against women 2004
J. Randvere “Ruth” 19.-20. sajandi vahetuse kultuuris : [artiklid 2006
Juhiseid teadushuviringide juhendajatele tüdrukutes LTT valdkonna vastu huvi … 2017
License to rape: sexual abuse of wives Finkelhor, David 1985
Loodusteadused ja tehnika on ka tüdrukute teemad 2017
Madonna ja hoor / (Madonna ja huora. Eesti keeles) Koivunen, Hannele 2008
Major findings of the IOM research on trafficking in women in the Baltic Stat… Okólski, Marek 2001
Making change : Nordic examples of working towards gender equality in the media 2014
Masques of morality: females in fiction Aitken, Johan Lyall 1987
Men, masculinity, music and emotions Boise, Sam de 2015
Mothers of the disappeared Fisher, Jo 1989
Pearls on the River Spree : Berlin: city of women / (Berlin : city of women) 2012
Poverty and gender over the life cycle : review of the implementation of the … 2017
Poverty, gender and intersecting inequalities in the EU : Review of the imple… 2016
Protecting women against violence : analytical study of the results of the se… 2008
Puuetega inimeste eluolu Eestis : ÜRO puuetega inimeste õiguste konventsiooni… 2018
Recognising the rights of girls and women with disabilities : an added value … 2008
Research of victims needs in connection with rehabilitation services and clar… Krõlov, Roman 2015
Rethinking difference in gender, sexuality, and popular music 2018
Riigikogu toimetised Ruusing, Helle toim 2000
Riigikogu Toimetised 2014
Rindade ajalugu / (A history of the breast. Eesti keeles) Yalom, Marilyn 2007
Romanticm and gender Mellor, Anne K. 1993
Sanoi Minna Canth : otteita Minna Canthin teoksista ja kirjeistä = Pioneer r… Canth, Minna 2006
Social politics : international studies in gender, state & society 1994
Terminology and indicators for data collection : rape, femicide and intimate … 2017
The guy’s guide to feminism Kaufman, Michael 2011
The liberated man Farrell, Warren 1993
The psychology of men and masculinities 2017
The right of people with disabilities to live independently and be included i… 2012
The SAGE handbook of mentoring / (Handbook of mentoring) 2017
Tiedon tyttäret : oppineita eurooppalaisia naisia antiikista valistukseen Nurminen, Marjo T. 2008
Trafficking in human beings : Internet recruitment : misuse of the Internet f… 2007
Trafficking in women in the Baltic States : mechanisms, actors, problems and … Okólski, Marek 2001
Uurimus inimkaubanduse ohvrite vajadustest seoses rehabilitatsiooni teenusteg… Krõlov, Roman 2015
We should all be feminists Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi 2014
Women and aging : an international, intersectional power perspective 2015
Women in Islam : versus women in the Judaeo-Christian tradition : the myth an… Azim, Abdel 200
Women in Sports : a reference handbook Hanold,Maylon 2018
Women’s lives : a psychological exploration Etaugh, Claire A 2018
Women’s Sexual and Reproductive health and rights in Europe Hoctor,Leah 2017
Построение бизнес-моделей : настольная книга стратега и новатора / (Business … Остервальдер, Александр 2016

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