Uudiskirjandus 2018

  1. Migration, Masculinities and Reproductive Labour: Men of the Home
    Autor: Ester Gallo; Kirjastus: Palgrave Macmillan
  2. Global Women’s Work: Perspectives on Gender and Work in the Global Economy
    Autor: Beth English, Mary E. Frederickson, Olga Sanmiguel; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  3. Internet and Democracy in the Network Society
    Autor: Jan A.G.M. van Dijk, Kenneth L. Hacker; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Inc
  4. Psychology of Gender
    Autor: Gary Wood; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  5. Psychology of School Bullying
    Autor: Peter K. Smith; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  6. Science and Magic in the Modern World: Psychological Perspectives on Living with the Supernatural
    Autor: Eugene V. Subbotsky; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  7. Gender Equality in a Global Perspective
    Autor: Anders Ortenblad, Raili Marling, Snjezana Vasiljev; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  8. Angry White Men, 2nd Edition: American Masculinity at the End of an Era 2nd edition
    Autor: Michael Kimmel; Kirjastus: Avalon Publishing Group
  9. Anti-Gender Campaigns in Europe: Mobilizing against Equality
    Autor: David Paternotte, Roman Kuhar; Kirjastus: Rowman & Littlefield International
  10. Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny
    Autor: Kate Manne; Kirjastus: Oxford University Press
  11. Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis: Gender, Power and Ideology in Discourse
    Autor: Michelle M. Lazar; Kirjastus: Palgrave USA
  12. Feminist Economics and Public Policy
    Autor: Jim Campbell, Morag Gillespie; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  13. Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe 1st ed. 2017
    Autor: Andrea Peto; Kirjastus: Springer International Publishing AG
  14. Gender Budgeting in Europe: Developments and Challenges 1st ed. 2018
    Autor: Angela O’Hagan, Elisabeth Klatzer; Kirjastus: Springer International Publishing AG
  15. Gender, ageing and extended working life: Cross-national perspectives
    Autor: Aine Ni Leime, Debra Street, Sarah Vickerstaff, Cl; Kirjastus: Policy Press
  16. Gendered Wars, Gendered Memories: Feminist Conversations on War, Genocide and Political Violence
    Autor: Ayse Gul Altinay, Andrea Peto; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  17. Globalization and Militarism: Feminists Make the Link Second Edition
    Autor: Cynthia Enloe; Kirjastus: Rowman & Littlefield
  18. Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body
    ISBN-13: 9781472153791, ISBN-10: 1472153790; Autor: Roxane Gay; Kirjastus: Little, Brown Book Group
  19. Bitch Doctrine: Essays for Dissenting Adults
    Autor: Laurie Penny; Kirjastus: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  20. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
    Autor: Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo; Kirjastus: Penguin Books Ltd
  21. Smart Girls: Success, School, and the Myth of Post-Feminism
    Autor: Shauna Pomerantz, Rebecca Raby; Kirjastus: University of California Press
  22. Women in Sports: A Reference Handbook
    Autor: Maylon Hanold; Kirjastus: ABC-CLIO
  23. Guy’s Guide to Feminism: A Guy’s Guide to Feminism from A to Z
    Autor: Michael Kaufman, Michael Kimmel; Kirjastus: Seal Press
  24. Rethinking Difference in Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Music: Theory and Politics of Ambiguity
    Autor: Gavin S. K. Lee; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  25. Fathering in Cultural Contexts: Developmental and Clinical Issues
    Autor: Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, Elif Dede Yildirim; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  26. Gender Equity Sources and Resources for Education Students
    Autor: Jo Sanders; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  27. Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur: Cognition, Personality Traits, Intention, and Gender Behavior
    Autor: Domingo Ribeiro Soriano; Kirjastus: Springer International Publishing AG
  28. Psychology of Men and Masculinities
    Autor: Ronald F. Levant, Y. Joel Wong; Kirjastus: American Psychological Association
  29. Recent History of Lesbian and Gay Psychology: From Homophobia to LGBT
    Autor: Peter Hegarty; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  30. Rindade ajalugu
    Autor: Marilyn Yalom; Kirjastus: Olion
  31. Women’s Lives: A Psychological Exploration 4th Revised edition
    Autor: Judith S. Bridges, Claire A. Etaugh; Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
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