Gender Mainstreaming Manual

Gender Mainstreaming Manual
A book of practical methods
from the Swedish Gender Mainstreaming Support Committee

Stockholm 2007

ISBN 91-38-22731-2
ISSN 0375-250X



Gender Mainstreaming Support (JämStöd) is a Swedish committee of inquiry that has worked for two years under a government mandate to provide information
about gender mainstreaming and to develop practical methods and models for mainstreaming gender into central government activities. A further task of the committee has been to train central government administrators in the practical implementation of the process. We have collaborated with a number of government agencies that have led the way in seeking to ensure that the services they provide to the general public benefit women and men equally.

This book contains our most tried and tested methods. We hope that it will inspire both those of you who want to start the ball rolling and those who wish to take
JämStöd’s methods and models for gender mainstreaming a step further.

As a supplement to this practical manual, we have produced a book of ideas for managers and gender strategists, as well as a separate offprint from it, entitled
Gender Equality in Public Services, specifically targeting managers and management groups. We have also delivered a final report to the Government containing our recommendations (SOU 2007:15).

Stockholm, March 2007
Ann Boman
Committee Chair

/Ulrika Eklund
Carina Löfgren



Foreword 3
Introduction 6
Procedure for Sustainable Gender Mainstreaming – ‘The Ladder’ 8
STEP 1 13
Gender Equality: The Basics 14
STEP 2 17
Study the Operation 18
The Gender-Equal Operation 21
Study the Operational Processes 24
STEP 3 25
Checklist for Planning and Organising Development Work – METS 26
STEPS 4–6 32
JämKART – Gender Equality Survey Analysis and Conclusions 33
JämKAS Bas 41
The 4R Method 47
JämKAS Plus 53
Process Mapping 60
STEP 7 64
STEP 8 65
JämUR – A method for evaluating outcomes 66
Some definitions 67