Deviant Women: Cultural, Linguistic and Literary Approaches to Narratives of Femininity. Tiina Mäntymäki; Anna Foka; Marinella Rodi-Risberg

deviant womenThis multidisciplinary collection of articles illuminates the ways in which the concept of female deviance is represented, appropriated, re-inscribed and refigured in a wide range of texts across time, cultures and genres. Such a choice of variety shows that representations of deviance accommodate meaning-making spaces and possibilities for resistance in different socio-cultural and literary contexts. The construct of the deviant woman is analysed from literary, sociolinguistic and historical-cultural perspectives, revealing insights about cultures and societies.

Cover; Table of Contents; Introduction (Tiina Mäntymäki, Marinella Rodi-Risberg, Anna Foka); Deviant Women: Socio-Cultural Perspectives; Towards a Definition of Deviance; Narrative as a Conceptual Starting Point/Perspective; Past Scholarship, Contents and Purpose of the Volume; Reconstructing Narratives of Female Deviance; Works Cited; I. Deviance: Historical and Cultural Perspectives; Beyond Deviant: Theodora as the Other in Byzantine Imperial Historiography (Anna Foka); Introduction; Theodora: Byzantine Context, Social Norm and Deviance; Lust: Actress and Prostitute. The Villain: Cruelty and ViolenceConclusions: Sexuality, Violence, Manipulation and Power = Social Deviance?; Works Cited; Ghosts and Spirits as the objet a in Pu Songling’s Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio (Wang Lei); Introduction; The Polyvalent objet a; The ‘Scholar’ as the Parodic Phallus; Volatile and Versatile Ghosts and Spirits; Conclusion; Works Cited; Deviant Will to Knowledge: The Pandora Myth and Its Feminist Revisions (Sanna Karkulehto and Ilmari Leppihalme); Introduction; ‘I will give men as the price for fire an evil thing’. The Pandora Myth as an Epistemological Cautio. ‘Familiarity in the unfamiliar’. The Freudian Mystery and the Threat of Pandora’Who or what is behind this … flesh?’ The Female Body and Will to Knowledge; ‘[If] she opened this thing?’ Pandora and Epistemology of the Closet; Pandora as a Metaphor of Feminist Thought; Works Cited; II. Contemporaneity, Deviance, Subjectivity and Violence; Carnivalesque Masquerade. Lisbeth Salander and Her Trickster Agency (Tiina Mäntymäki); Introduction; The Carnivalesque, the Trickster and Lisbeth Salander; Lisbeth Salander Becomes a Trickster Figure; Tricking as Carnivalesque. The Dissolution of the Trickster and the End of the CarnivalesqueConclusions; Works Cited; Secondary Sources; Primary Sources; Trauma and Contextual Factors in Ann-Marie MacDonald’s Fall on Your Knees: Incest, Race and Gendered Subjectivities (Marinella Rodi-Risberg); Trauma in Ann-Marie MacDonald’s Fall on Your Knees; Trauma and Contextual Factors; Incest, Race and Transgressive Desire; Trauma, Memory and the Rearticulation of Subjectivity; The Ethics of (Reading) Trauma; Works Cited. ‘Baby Killer!’ — Media Constructions of a Culturally Congruent Identity for Casey Anthony as Mother and Female Offender (Caroline Enberg)Introduction; Media Representations of Female Violence; Good Motherhood and Murder; Casey Anthony breaking the norms of motherhood; Indulgence; Neglect; Anthony’s Self-Representation; Public Opinion; Conclusions; Works Cited; Primary sources; Secondary Sources; III. Deviance and/as (In)visibility; The Absent Female Rotarian in Finland: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Rotary Norden (MajBritt Höglund); Introduction; Women and Rotary; Rotary Norden.

Deviant Women: Cultural, Linguistic and Literary Approaches to Narratives of Femininity
Tiina Mäntymäki; Anna Foka; Marinella Rodi-Risberg
Frankfurt am Main Lang, Peter Frankfurt 2014
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