Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers: Concert Music, 1960-2000. Laurel Parsons, Brenda Ravenscroft

analytical essays on music by women composersAnalytical Essays on Music by Women Composers: Concert Music, 1960-2000
Laurel Parsons, Brenda Ravenscroft

Order, freedom and design. Ursula Mamlok, Panta rhei, third movement (1981) biography ; “Twelve tone in my own way” : an analytical study of Ursula Mamlok’s Panta rhei, third movement, with some reflections on twelve-tone music in America / Joseph N. Straus ; Norma Beecroft, Improvvisazioni concertanti no. 1 (1961) biography ; Improvvisazioni concertanti no. 1 by Norma Beecroft : serialism, improvisatory discourse, and the musical avant-garde / Christoph Neidhöfer ; Joan Tower, Silver ladders (1986) biography ; “Octatonicism,” the octatonic scale, and large-scale structure in Joan Tower’s Silver ladders / Jonathan W. Bernard — Gesture, identity and culture. Sofia Gubaidulina, String quartet no. 2 (1987) biography ; “Difference inhabits repetition” : Sofia Gubaidulina’s string quartet no. 2 / Judy Lochhead ; Chen Yi, Symphony no. 2 (1993) biography ; The transformative power of musical gestures : cultural translation in Chen Yi’s Symphony no. 2 / Nancy Rao — Music, words and voices. Kaija Saariaho, “The claw of the magnolia,” from the Grammar of dreams (1988) biography ; Superposition in Kaija Saariaho’s “The claw of the magnolia” / John Roeder ; Libby Larsen, Chanting towards paradise (1997) biography ; Music as a mirror : Libby Larsen’s Chanting towards paradise / Brenda Ravenscroft ; Elisabeth Lutyens, Essence of our happinesses (1968) biography ; This imaginary halfe-nothing : temporality in Elisabeth Lutyens’s Essence of our happinesses / Laurel Parsons.
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