Wise Economy in the Baltic Sea region (WE) (2017)

Projekti kestus: 01.02.2017-30.12.2017

Project summary:
– Strengthen Russian and Baltic NGOes who support women in a difficult life situation with new instruments of improving their life quality through means of long-life education and finding their place on labor market;
– Working out recommendations for the good governance on the state and local level to create new programs of the state and municipal support of this category of NGOes and citizens in North-West Russia with best experiences from Nordic and Baltic countries;
– Uniting those NGOs in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden into net for a longterm cooperation and creating a Platform for two-way trade between those countries via Digital Companionship cross-country borders for two-way (three-, four-way) trade and export between small businesses (with
fokus on start-upers in difficult life situation) in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia & Russia;
– Train 90 women entrepreneurs in Social media e.g. Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc for practical marketing and promoting of their business and products;
– Arranging the exhibition of women’s SSB ro empower other women in difficault life situation and to
show how to find the way out in their position;
– Organizing the final seminar at the annual International Women’s conference “100 years of equality in Russia” to show the politicians, decision makers, civil society and to journalists how has deteriorated the situation of implementation of gender equality policy in Russia.
– The project will develop contacts between resource centers in North-West Russia, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia for exchange of innovative experience and tools for gender equality and life quality for women in difficult life situation.
– Final products will be the Manual on ICT Technology for entrepreneurs.

Peterburi Sotsiaal-majandusintituut (Санкт-Петербургский социально-экономический институт) (Venemaa)
Wise Economy Global Association (WE) (Rootsi)
Latvian Business Women Association (LBWA) (Läti)
Eesti Naisuurimus- ja Teabekeskus (ENUT)