Reviews for Ariadne’s Clew

The long buildup seems to be ending Olev Remsu, a writer who has appeared as a chauvinist, looks at the new feminist journal A very patriarchal and crude man once said, “What do the feminists want? To whore around, nothing else!  But they lack courage to do it otherwise than all together and screaming!” The


Carrying Linda’s Stones: an anthology of Estonian women’s life stories Ariadne’s Clew / Ariadne Lõng Get a copy “Ariadne’s Clew” is available online in digital format for free or in print format for 3-5 € depending on the issue available at ENUT: Ariadne’s Clew 3-5 € / issue Carrying Linda’s Stones : An Anthology of

Carrying Linda’s Stones

Edited by Suzanne Stiver Lie, Lynda Malik, Ilvi Jõe-Cannon, Rutt HinrikusPublished by Tallinn University Press (2006, 2007) / Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre (2015) Copies of the book can be acquired from ENUT office/library (price 15 € + postal fees if necessary). About the authorsSuzanne Lie is Professor Emerita of Educational Sociology at the